irie i

‘irie i’ is the work of collaborating artists from around the globe, set up solely to support students of Maya Universe Academy in Nepal. We are proud to tell you that 100% of the profit is used to financially support our students and the local community. The production of our products is the result of an amazing teamwork effort by Maya volunteers and parents of Maya students. 


Maya Universe Academy

Maya Universe Academy is the only free private school in Nepal. We co-exist as a family of students, teachers, farmers, construction workers and artists. Our mission is to provide children in rural Nepal with accessible and high quality education, while developing and implementing sustainable community initiatives. In exchange for education, one parent of each student volunteers at the school for two days a month and through them the Maya community stayed self-sustainable. However, due to demand and opportunity the growth of our school can no longer be sustained by agriculture and helping parents. ‘Irie i’ was set up to help sustain this growth and simultaneously support the local economy. All of our products are crafted by parents of our students. Have a look and get to know us, irie i!